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The history of the Blue Door Coffee Co. is as deep as the elder oak trees in the Kettle Moraine. Although we were founded in 2017, our mission, the who we are, the what we are, and our values that have guided us go much deeper. In fact, maybe the story starts with how we got our name. We thought of calling it Stewart’s coffee company, after the founding father of Campbellsport Stuart Hallman. It spoke to our history. We thought of calling it The Grind, in honor of what we pride ourselves at Drexel Building Supply every day. However the Blue Door Coffee Co. welcomes you into our world. Our coffee co. is the story of every small town. The story of Main Street USA. It’s the story that never gets old. The story that through kind hearted service, a hot coffee, and a warm meal; we are the story of Jesus’s disciples. The story of the golden rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. It is a story of love over hate. It is the story of Drexel’s mission… to supply happiness.

It’s the absolute center focal point of our mission and values.  It’s a testimony that we aren’t “just a lumberyard.”  We are much more.

We are obsessed with what we bring to you.  A smile, a well prepared and tasteful drink, and food that shows the love we have for this mission in every bite.

The “100% of Profits to Charity” commitment aligns with our DNA, it’s why we exist, it motivates all of us to do better, be better, and follow Drexel’s core values. We are guided by faith on this path.  For us, it simply means what’s left over (i.e. surplus, balance, etc.) after normal business and operating expenses are deducted from all the income we derive from sales from our little coffee co. goes back to the people that serve us and need us.

We hope you like it.  We hope you tell others.  We hope you have the biggest cup of happiness you’ve ever sipped on.

Operation Coffee

Blue Door Coffee Co. was featured in the news!

Core Values

Ethics. Do the right thing & always encourage others to do the right, honest & ethical things. This is #1, & it’s #1 for a reason. Ethics, It’s the most important.

Respect. Treat others like you would like to be treated no matter whom & no matter the situation.

Balance. Manage your time for both business & personal success.

Winning Attitude. Have a can-do attitude. Be positive, upbeat & stay focused. We are winners.

Communication. Share information, ask questions, listen effectively, speak thoughtfully, & let ideas live.

Development. Learn from each other. Teach, Coach & Listen. Create an environment where everyone can be a star.

Team Work. Value different viewpoints. Carry out the agreed upon plans. Together we achieve more. Go Blue!

Change. Accept it. Embrace It. Initiate It. Do everything every day better, faster, & cheaper

Have Fun. Enjoy your job. Enjoy your life. Smile more & make others around you smile too.

Accountability. Know your responsibilities. Live up to your commitments.